How to burn android image to BPI-M3 EMMC

It does not work on Mint 17.3 :frowning:

uname -a
Linux gyarfastoth-Lenovo-G580 3.19.0-32-generic #37~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Thu Oct 22 09:41:40 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

You are running on Linux
Linux distribution Linux does not supported!!!

You can change /etc/issue to: Ubuntu Mint 17.3 Rosa \n \l After using the tool, better change it back to original: Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa \n \l

Yes! I have done this successfully last night although it took me forever.

My BPI-M3 had Android in eMMC and working (somewhat), and I was able to boot using a microsd with Ubuntu and then reflash eMMC with Ubuntu image (I didn’t dd from my microsd but used a separate image using USB drive).

Since then, BPI-M3 is running Ubuntu 15.10 (beta of course) using its eMMC. I didn’t measure time, but it seems faster.

Now, I need its GPU driver, the whole source for M3 linux (whatever they want to call it since it’s not going to be bananian according to bananian), and somewhat stability proved by SINOVOIP.


Help me a sec. So you booted Linux on the MicroSD card and then used dd to write Linux image from USB to eMMC?

If that is the case I should also try it.

This seems to be the only way it works currently. I found the description by searching for a review:

But this same review and the many unanswered questions here, missing documentation and plenty of OS images all being incomplete now let me believe it’s a bad idea to get an M3 now. Maybe this might change within the next months but since there also exist hardware issues (sudden power-offs, slow SATA) these can’t be fixed through software updates or documentation fixes.

Try this instruction…

What I did was

  1. create boot microsdcard of linux
  2. also copy linux image to a uab drive
  3. boot M3 using the created microsd
  4. unmount a couple of partitions as shown in the instructio n
  5. dd to write the linux image in the usb to eMMC on M3
  6. now you can boot from eMMC

Try this instruction…

What I did was

create boot microsdcard of linuxalso copy linux image to a uab driveboot M3 using the created microsdunmount a couple of partitions as shown in the instructio ndd to write the linux image in the usb to eMMC on M3now you can boot from eMMC

When Android is installed, is there a way to wipe the eMMC ? I’ve put Linux image SD card but still Android boots.

If SD is bootable it should boot from it and not the eMMC… -Did you unplug the OTG?

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Did you read here

and here:

I am sure, many of your try & error would be solved

On Windows you just need the right drivers for the M3 to be recognized.

Hi. How can I flash a Linux image on eMMC memory? It seems that this way works only with Android ROMs, and the link is corrupted. How should I install Raspbian/Debian for this machine?

For Linux OS you can try to dd the image from USB to eMMC with Linux on MicroUSB.

Better way – Burning Android L to eMMC on Banana Pi M3 Guide

running the LiveSuit on Ubuntu 16.04… able to install LiveSuit, but not able to get it flash to BPI-M64… always detect as Get Device Stage Failed when power up.

found the solution to my problem… must type sudo ./ instead of ./ only…

I tell you this. The so called tool does not RECOGNIZE the emmc at all. It’s not there. I also noticed the barrel power connector sometimes works and sometimes it does not. The welding and board quality control for the BPI M3 is crap. If you ask the morans on BPI “support” why the emmc does not appear on the tool they tell you to use you’ll never get an answer from them. If you ask them for a reliable tool or image they never answer. they took monkeys off a tree and put them for support. These monkeys can only eat banana. not support one. It is time we all give them a piece of our opinion in every forum we know. Let them choke on their attitude to customers…

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