The problem with software

Hello, I am writing to ask why there are so many software versions on the official web page if not a single one of them does work? The linux based ones are either slow or glitchy and it is very difficult to operate on them. Recently checked the Ubuntu 14 which supposed to work but this OS seems to be a joke. The android 4.2 seems to have a perfect functionality (multiple apps, bars with various options like menu or sound) but it doesn’t see the internal storage. Is there any fix for that? The one I’m using right now is android 4.4 kitkat. It seems to work but there is 10% of 4.2 OS functionality and it is not really stable. And the wi-fi connection doesn’t work either. It is frustrating as I already built a custom case with a fan for it. What is the approximate date of release of a working android that is stable and works properly? All I want for the money I’ve already spent is a working multimedia platform. According to the information about this sbc the banana pi m2 suppose to be working today and be capable of playing 1080p videos.

Me too . It can playing 1080p videos on Android Only, the wifi does not work. Now I am using “BPI-M2 new image: Raspbian_docker_K4.2_beta V4.0” . Wireless network can work normally,although the videos can not play.

I finally found one android 4.4 image that looks stable. It doesn’t support Ethernet cable but at least the wi-fi works and the entire experience seems to be ok. Apps install quickly and the interface transitions are smooth. You can download it here: M.


Does anybody know if there’s a method of mapping keyboard buttons in android games that are controlled by touch? A part of functions is assigned by default to the keyboard buttons but some others are not and this causes the games to work improperly. For example take a look at the GTA 3. It seems that everything is fine but controls make it impossible to roam freely in the game: But the 3d demanding games run rather smoothly and that is a good thing. For now we need to stick to games controlled by single touches i.e. in our case mouse clicks like kingdom rush. Still joyful to play on 1080p TV.

Have you ever experienced thermal throttling? I’ve noticed that when I use the device for more than one hour it reaches high temps, hence the fan on the case.