The 3rd-party emmc flash tool for BPI

Hello guys!

I’ve made a emmc flash tool for BPI runs under windows.

It’s easy to use and fully tested under Windows 10(1607/1703/1709).


Latest release:


Build Status Build status

The GUI for bpi-fel-mass-storage with sunxi-tools in order to run under windows.

Supported devices:

  • BPI-M2+ (H2+/H3/H5)
  • BPI-M2Zero (H2+)
  • BPI-M3 (A83T/H8/R58)
  • BPI-M64 (A64/R18)

How to use:

  1. Press the EFL/U-Boot button on the Banana Pi and hold, then connect to your computer with micro USB cable and release the button.
  2. Install the libusbK WCID Driver for the Unknow Device with Zadig.
  3. Run the bpi-fel-mass-storage-gui4win.exe and follow the instruction.
  4. Waiting for the FEL loading progress.
  5. Check and edit(if necessary) the partition in the Disk Management.
  6. Flash the device with Win32DiskImager.
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very good job , thank you.

Finally access to eMMC :slight_smile:

Tried using this to flash via Phoenix Card for Android but get errors, writes images ok via Win32DiskImager but that won’t flash Android images :frowning:

Edit: Clicked burn about 422 times, errors at different parts of the burn process, and it worked eventually. Android now on eMMC and it boots! :heart_eyes: