Testers needed to confirm/deny overheating problem

When we (linux-sunxi community) tried to test DRAM reliability and cpufreq limits of BPi M2+ we had to realize that BPi M2+ (and the only other H3 board not using low power DDR3L DRAM like all H3 Orange Pis but instead DDR3: Nano Pi M1) overheats like crazy: http://forum.armbian.com/index.php/topic/1322-testers-wanted-testing-dram-reliability-on-bpi-m2-and-nanopi-m1/page-2#entry10363

Since most if not all testers own hardware revision v1.0 boards we would like to ask other M2+ users (or even the vendor – LOL!) whether they can contribute to testing: Just read on page 1 of the aforementioned thread how to proceed: It’s pretty easy since we prepared a test OS image based on Armbian. All that’s needed is burning/booting this image, then installing RPi-Monitor in a single step and then executing lima-memtester (and/or cpuburn-a7 as per the thread) and post your results.

Thx in advance!

Fine, obviously no users active here or no one interested or no v1.1 PCB revisions out there. And since the vendor itself does no reliability testings it’s easy to come to a conclusion regarding this board.


I ran the test for eight hours today on a v1.1 M2+ board with lima-tester 500M

The board was powered via DC port, was not in a case and had no heatsink installed.

This is the result:

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Thank you. Downclocked to 240MHz and all CPU cores killed except of one. Really hot stuff :frowning: