Test Raspbian PIXEL system on BPI-M2 Ultra

test Raspbian PIXEL system on BPI-M2 Ultra

Bluetooth function working fine

WIFI functioon working fine

Raspbian PIXEL system version:

Kernel 3.10.65 ? I am impressed :frowning:

yes, kernel is 3.10,

We should be able to patch it up to 3.10.104 (3.10 LTS will be maintained until last year fortunately), kernel sources look more or less like those for A64/H5 so someone has to take some time and do it like this: https://github.com/longsleep/linux-pine64/commits/pine64-hacks-1.2?after=Yfl8Tcy3EMT7I7lFUvExwouDB2ErMzQ%3D

Since you seem to own M2 Ultra now can you please provide some more test results?

apt-get install iozone3 htop iperf3
echo performance >/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor

And then please walk through iozone calls here for HDD and there for eMMC. Would also be great to get iperf3 numbers since this tool also logs retransmits. And while doing a longer test (-t 120) it would be great if you could watch CPU utilization to get a clue whether iperf3 numbers are bottlenecked by maxing out a single CPU core. BTW: With iperf3 you can also easily test the other direction with -R. With old Banana Pi numbers differed a lot so it would be great to see network performance for both directions.


Sorry guys, it’s in german but not to hard to read :wink:

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Hi, I wanted to do an iozone testing on my BPi M2U, and found out that I am not able to install it.

apt-get install iozone3

writes “E: Unable to locate package iozone3”

solved. needed to add an alternative source URL line in the /etc/apt/sources.list. thanks to this useful link don’t know why that was needed, not a linux one.

So I see, Banana Pi M2U as well cannot overcome the 23MB/s limit on UHS-I capable SD cards. Interesting is this due to the lack of software support or rather not implemented on the board level (1.8V switching provision)? I asked in several places and got silence.