Test BPI-M2 for docker ,with kernel 4.1.x , test quad core function

we have success test BPI-M2 with linux kernel 4.1.x .and working with docker , and test quad core function.

are you like this??

also …docker :smile:

Waiting for this! Also would be great if you solve video acceleration issues so GUI OS versions would work smooth and youtube/video/complex internet browsing will be usable.

LOL, you know that every single piece of code for mainline kernel is from the sunxi community and not SinoVoip? That SinoVoip still does it totally wrong since they fork the community’s kernel sources and tinker this and that with it instead of simply providing patches for their hardware to the sunxi community so that they can be included upstream into mainline kernel.

Keep in mind that 4.2 and 4.3 bring significant benefits for A31/A31s like cpufreq and USB OTG support: http://linux-sunxi.org/Linux_mainlining_effort#Planned_for_4.3

The way SinoVoip develops its software (cloning community’s work on Github into a new repository, freeze the code base and then apply minimal incompatible pieces of code) you will receive these goodies with the usual delay of several weeks/months unless you do yourself what the manufacturer should do: set up a build system that checks out the official kernel sources, optionally apply SinoVoip specific patches, builds whole OS images and provides separate packages for kernel, dev libraries, U-Boot and so on. Just like Armbian does it (suggested that many times to SinoVoip already)

Regarding GPU capabilities: Are you kidding? :smile:

You expect drivers/fixes from a board’s vendor where there’s nothing to get? Neither Allwinner as the SoC’s manufacturer cares about linux support for the GPUs they use inside their SoCs nor Imagination as the GPU’s vendor does this (until recently – but noone knows what to expect from that in which timeframe – please keep in mind that at the time of M2’s release the A31 and A31s SoCs were already discontinued by Allwinner)

dear tkaiser:

thank you give many good suggest to us .

we now fork 4.1.x kernel to our github . for BPI team is with sinovoip & foxconn , they are at mainland and taiwan . and we need a way to coworker, when we ready ,will update code to sunxi community. please give us some time.

about allwinner chip , many user say A20 ,A31S is .discontinued, we do not konw what is a real time for wllinner to discontinued it, all chip is same question about this . we also coworker with allwinner. if any news about this ,we will let you konw.

we hope , about all bpi board, we only do a good hardware , and let everyone can easy do DIY or do a good product on it. if you have some good idea about how to choose a good chip , please let me know , we can try to design a new hardware. :slight_smile:

sorry , i am not good at english , hope you can understand me .:slight_smile:

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