Switch and wireless glitches on OpenWrt with BPI-R1

These problems happen only on OpenWrt (15.05). I did not test other OSes very much. I believe these problems don’t happen on other OSes.

I have found these problems with all images that I tested (including my own).

  1. The vlan switch stops forwarding packets between ports after a (short) period after boot. Switching between CPU and ports works ok, though.
  2. Wireless (with WPA) has unexplained packet latency after a period of inactivity. It eventually drops out completely after a period of inactivity (meanwhile, connected devices think they are still connected, but there is 100% packet loss). If there is constant activity, there is no loss of connectivity.

From what I read on the forums, lots of people have similar sounding problems.

The severity of these problems increases with uptime. Eventually, I just have to reboot the device because of so much glitching.

A possibly unrelated problem is the kernel seems to have some kind of bug. It refuses to load too many modules, complaining about not having enough memory.

I have been trying to get Sinovoip to fix these problems with OpenWrt images (and in the OpenWrt source) for 1 year!! They keep promising they will check with their engineer but they have not done anything to fix these problems. I am not happy at all with their support.

I have had 6 of BPI-R1 devices which I bought from 2 different sources. ALL OF THEM have these problems. It is very easily reproducible.