SunPlus SP7021 industrial control main board design

SunPlus SP7021 industrial control main board design. We plan to design an industrial control board with SP7021, this is our first idea , anyone have good suggestions, Welcome to join us and improve our design. Once your suggestion is purchased, there will be an opportunity to obtain a free sample of this new board

  1. Hardware interface
  2. Hardware function spport.
  3. Software function support
  4. szie about this board.
  5. any good idea for this board.

more about SP7021 ,please see BPI-F2S wiki page:

I would power it with with a common power-barrel jack (not micro USB) that you also use on other boards (are the green plugs for power?) If so, will a cable with connector be part of the set?

Thinking about cooling, if you place the SoC & RAM on the otherside of the board, it is easier to attach large heat sink.

Buttons, reset, power and maybe the SoC offers another function that would be good to have a button.

LVDS connector, with a very common pin-out.

thank you , green plusg is for power , we will add a DC power (not micro USB).

new update , add DC port compatibility

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Add on one of Ethernet PoE power?

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good idea ,we will add PoE function support with WAN port


Final version with PoE support

BPI-F2P sample ready:

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Looks great! I will definitely be buying one. This chip is ideal for building automation applications.

When will these be available?

just sample ready now . you can send mail to Klaus Chen [email protected]