Strip LED reacting with sound

Hello !

I would like to use the bpi (m2u) to make light (LED with GPIO)
react when sound output from the sound card…
Am noob on it, I just already work on Arduino (I have one, IDE installed)…

Options :
1/ Maybe I can output the sound from the bpi -> arduino (USB) ?
2/ using the bpi’s sound output to make the light brighting directly.
(not using the microphone)

Do you have any clue ?
This kind of tutorial looks great :

Thanks for watching :wink:

OK, to play with GPIO (males) of my bpi I need a T-Cobbler or a Banana Pi UNO Module
The question is : it is possible to use the bpi audio as a source to code my programme ?
How to interact with the sound card ?

And so, what is the programme can I use to use the GPIO of my Bpi ?
It seem I need to use the WiringPI library for BananaPi to interact with…
and, then, I code in Python ? ^^ sorry I noob…

I will search in Raspberry forums…
I dont find instructions here…
Thanks for watching :wink: