State of Android 4.4 for M1

Hi all, I am looking to try to figure out how to get the Android 4.4 M1 source, or make some mods to 4.2 source. I’m after having a monitor rotated portrait (long side vertical) and having Android boot and run in this orientation. I understand that on 4.2, this is due to the HDMI output rotation locked on 4.2 by default. I have set persist.demo.hdmirotationlock=false, but I can only rotate to reverse portrait (screen upside-down). 4.4 is able to achieve this, but the fact that the TP-Link wifi adapter (working on 4.2) doesn’t work is a deal-breaker for me. I’m looking for some guidance on either getting 4.2 to rotate the HDMI to portrait, or fix the broken wifi in 4.4. Thank you!