SPL uboot don't start


I work with A64 (bpi M64). For a moment I use to U-boot ( SPL build into 32 bit and u-boot in 64 bit) and all worked well I had flash sd, eMMC or I booted with fel mode all are ok. But I stoped my work for some weeks and now nothing boot any more.

I try to explain my self. If I flash a sd with old image (that use boot0.bin ex: 2017-08-13-debian-8-jessie-mate-desktop-preview-aarch64-bpi-m64-sd-emmc.img) all boot (I try three different image). But if I flash some new one (with uboot SPL ex: Armbian_5.83_Bananapim64_Debian_stretch_next_4.19.38.img) nothing start (no log, no print on UART0).

Some body know what can be wrong in my system?

Thank by advance Philippe