Sound is very choppy on M6

I have Armbian XFCE4 install M6. Video play back it great, audio isn’t so great. It’s very choppy. I thought maybe it was Firefox, but Chromium is choppy as well.

Is there anything I can check to see why it’s Choppy?


I tried the Armbian Image today (see

The bookworm version with Xfce. Sound is okay in Firefox, BUT: I have only sound in firefox; everything else is quiet.

And I installed Chromium Browser, but if I try to start it, there’s nothing but a short flick of the wait-circle.

What version you have installed?

Also my Youtube-performance is bad. Many many frame drops at 720p and 1080p. What’s your experience?

Hi again,

okay, now I ran my system not as root as before. Instead a added a User “pi” und logged in as user. And: Sound is there in every application, but it’s choppy now. Same thing here now. And chromium works in the user system too. Youtube-Performance is better in Chromium than in firefox, as a guessed before.

I updated my blog.