Software Problems

Hello I run Raspbian on a Banana Pi M1. I have some trouble running some programs. Pi store such. It’s just white and nothing is displayed there. But Pi Store may just turn to RPI’s? Then I managed to install LibreOffice on BPi but it did not start. Then I tested AbiWord I got started, but the krachar all the time. It is a fairly new install I’ve done on my Bpi max 3-4 days ago. Is there anyone on this forum that can help me? I prefer to run LibreOffice instead of AbiWord / ceddio


So you have bought a Banana Pi and you try to run everything from Raspberry Pi. Why didn’t you buy a RPi in the first place?

Libre Office is way to heavy for these little computers.

Has also raspberry’s but want to try something else. Why are raspbian when the banana pi if it still does not work?

Well, the software you get here is … not the best. If you want better software for Banana Pi or Pro (M1, M1+) I suggest you look here:

with GUI and good support from the community

no GUI

Hello Ok’ll have to try them and see if it works better. Thanks for the help. / ceddio