Small amount of ram

I tested raspbian and debian 10 mate images 32 bit. Both have small amount of ram. Raspbian 680 MB and DEbian only 566MB of RAM. This amount of ram is useless for GUI.

why is there such a small amount of memory? Can you reduce the amount of GPU framework? System images are not suitable for use with this memory

Memory is shared between CPU and GPU

michael discovered america… Really??? gpu_mem in config.txt does not change available for user amount of RAM. How i can change gpu memory to 64. 344 MB RAM for video memory???

how to set gpu memory on 64MB RAM in bananapi M4 (raspbian 9.8). As much as 344MB of RAM is used in the default settings. Only 680 MB is for the user. Mem_gpu = 64 saving in config.txt does not work.