Sinovoip docker not working


I need to add a module to the kernel 4.9.119-BPI-M4-Kernel but headers installed on ubuntu-server 16.04 image are outdated (in usr/src there are headers for 4.4.89-BPI-M64-Kernel). The simply copy of sources into the correct header folder seems to be a not working method. I am not so linux experienced so my idea was trying to recompile the whole kernel from source. I followed the instructions for running the sinovoip docker but as I try to run it “sudo docker run -t -i sinovoip/bpi-build-linux-4.4:ubuntu16.04 /bin/bash” I get the error “standard_init_linux.go:211: exec user process caused “exec format error””. Trying to google it seems an architecture problem. Maybe it is a stupid question but this docker is meant to be run on the banana pi or for cross compiling? thanks!


ok I answer myself :sweat_smile: the docker works on a x86 system