Set resolution HDMI LCD 800x480

I am trying to configure the resolution of the 800X480 LCD, in the file sys_config.fex, but I have no results, the screen is cleared. I’m using the HDMI output of BPI M2Z, which is connected to a converter card, which is sending pro 40-pin 800x400 LCD.

Hello, Please see here:

Hello Jackzeng, thank you! But i’m not find the resolution custom 800x480

Hello, If you use LCD7, the default resolution is 800 x 480.

Hello, I’m trying configure the “sys_config.fex”, but not working.!


In this table not exist the especific configuration of 800x480.

set screen0_output_mode = 31, screen1_output_mode = 31, pll_video = 594 in sys_config.fex, then convert it to script.bin and test

Thanks August, worked perfectly! And set the resolution 1024x600?

Kernel 3.4 bsp does not support 1024x600, but Kernel 4.4( have supported its official 1024x600 panel for m2p. I’m not sure the timing is suitable for your panel, but you can give it a shot.

Configuration file for this panel is named sys_config.fex.1024 in BPI-M2P-720P, compare it with sys_config.fex in the same folder and apply the diff to your BPI-M2Z-720P/sys_config.fex, then rebuild the source, and update the bsp packages to the bpi image SD card.