Serial Console (Uart) buad rate

Hello i bought BPI M2M , but unfortunately i can’t connect the board via Serial Port . The main problem i think is buad rate because serial send me text but unclear and incorrect. And unfortunately i don’t have any mipi display I only want to connect this board to wifi and enable ssh Help me if you can

debug console is pin9, pin10, pin11 of 40pin header, uboot has no debug message output.

Thanks for response I boot ubunu from sd And it boots ( blue led on and green one blink ) I tried pin9 pin 10 pin 11 based on your reply but nothing happend I tried pin6 pin8 pin10 (in get started in the webstie ) Again nothing I was wondering if you could explain it to me .

Sorry for my mistake, is pin6/8/10




You can check uEnv.txt file in BPI-BOOT partition, and make sure tx/rx connect correctly, baudrate is 115200