Searching a DC Power-Supply (center positive 1,6 x 4,4mm)

Hello Guys, I need a DC Power-Supply for my Banana Pi M3 but I cant find one. Im from Germany so I look at many german online stores like Amazon,… But nothing !!!

I found many DC Power-Supply’s but none with center positive 1,6 x 4,4mm.

I hope someone can post a buy link for a working DC Power-Supply

Thank You


I use a psp one, 2A works perfectly, hope this helps you. You can also buy one specifically for M3 on Aliexpress with 0 fees.

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Thank You :smiley:

Can you send me a Link ?

Will this work ?


i Think so but I would prefer this:ät-Stromkabel-Playstation-1-Generation-2-Generation/dp/B00X30043W

Okay Thank you very much you help me alot :smiley: