Se puede instalar la TP-link AC600 T2U Plus en la bpi-m2 zero?

Alguien sabe como podría instalar la tp-link AC600 en armbian, estoy empleando ese sistema en una bpi-m2 zero y no eh logrado instalar con éxito la interfaz inalámbrica, también eh probado en otros sistemas como kali linux y raspbian (obviamente compatibles con la bpi-m2 zero). Agradecería mucho cualquier tipo de ayuda. :slight_smile:

If it is this:

then it should work with official Armbian

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I understand only bits. English forum section, but dude writes in Spanish… I can write in many more languages too, where I live live we usually do it in 4 languages, but hey…

First thing first. Linux and RTL AP mode does not mix. As soon I saw RTL, just forget it. I saw USB Wif…nope…

USB wifi will work sometimes, but even the best ones, like from MTK in linux works piss poor. I did a retest of that few days ago on Brume2. No they are all unstable crap.

Realtek drivers and Linux. Just do not pretend it will happen, it just will not.

An el cheapo 15$ MT7628 device in dumb AP will be better than any combo having USB wifi.

Why on earth one would like to use an USB donge on bpi zero puzzles me also. It is like asking my ESP32 modules for graphics card.

thanks, you helped me. I have installed the driver successfully :slight_smile:

thanks for your observations :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: