Screen Size on Raspbian

Is there a way to change the screen size? In using a M2 with raspbian but the screen is just a Little too big so all the menus are off the monitor display

HI: you can reference

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Nah you are experiencing a different type of problem. It is the wide screen feature on your TV or monitor changing the HDMI input content to fit a wide screen. Please go under TV or monitor settings to adjust the aspect ratio or normal or turn off any wide screen enhancements.

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Agree, I dont want to lower my resolución…I already messed with my TV resolución with no success. Additionally II changed raspi-config to disable overscan and rebotes, un the login screen everything seemed a little smaller, as soon as it went to the main screen it just jumped un size

1 Like I would suggest to keep messing with TV settings. Give me your TV model and it may help us to come up with a solution for you.