Schematics For Banana Pi M2 Ultra v1.1

does anyone know where i can download the circuit diagram of the Banana Pi M2U V 1.1 with A40i processor? so far I’ve only found the schematics for the older types (v 1). I guess differences in the versions, since no image has booted yet. According to the data sheet of the processors, there shouldn’t be any differences. Or I haven’t noticed the differences yet. My M2U boards v 1 with R40 are all running. I’m currently ruling out a bug because all of my new boards show the same behavior. Greetings Elux

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Did you ever find any more information about this? I seriously wonder if there may have been some undocumented layout changes which could come to light if we could get a look at the schematics.

no, i have don’t find any more information about this. That is also my guess. I compared the address ranges of the processors, so it shouldn’t be that. But here there seems to be no help from the company against.