SATA HDD without root rights on Android

Hi together,

I have a banana Pi M3 with android as a media center (Kodi) and it works quit fine. The last challenge is the us of a HDD over the sata connection (just for data, not OS).

The thing is that I failed because the standard commands ( lsblk, …) dosn’t work. I believe my problem is that i have no root rights on the android. Is there a possibility to mount the HDD without root rights? If not, did anyone knows a SIMPLE possibility to get root rights on the M3 (KingRoot dosn’t work, oneclickroot too expensive)

I am a noob a linux, so please keep your ideas/answers simple :wink:

thanking you in anticipation


image: BPI-M3_Android_HDMI_V3.img M3 firmware: v2.1rc3 Android: 5.1.1

Which file system is used on your hdd that you’re trying to connect on the device?

Afaik it should work outof the box. Can you try a smaller usd stick with different filesystems like ext4 or ntfs or fat32 and see with one works.


the HDD had no file system. The (original) plan was, to create everything out of the Pi, which dosn’t work due to the rights limitations. So I create a partition with ext4 on a different computer and now it just works as a USB-drive.

Greetings Michael