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Banana Pi / Arch Linux / Customized Distribution

I was kindly asked if I could build a LXDE distribution based on Arch Linux in the forums. So I built a customized Arch Linux image which is based on the latest ArchLinux for BananaPi image version 1412 (kernel 3.4.103). The feedback was overwhelming: I received a lot of suggestions, constructive criticism and acknowledgement.

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Customizations Beside some minor tools, following software is included in the image:

sunxi-tools (fex2bin, bin2fex, etc.) fbturbo lxde yaourt vlc mplayer and smplayer as graphical frontend xbmc (writes direct to frame buffer, no hardware accelerated video) kodi (uses smplayer as external player, hardware accelerated video) firefox chromium w_scan Moreover I compiled a custom kernel [1][2] based on version 3.4.103 with following modifications:

built in support for XFS and experimental btrfs support for DVB-T USB devices with chipset RTL2832U (module rtl2830) set CONFIG_FHANDLE=y in kernel configuration to ensure flawless auto-mounting of external devices on boot

he also write a banana pi book and build a image for banana pi.

if you want download image and get more message . visit he`s BLOG:


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