Running KVM on BPI-M2


I am using the new image Debian+Docker in my BPI-M2 and I want to install KVM hypervisor. How can I install KVM hypervisor in my BPIs? I know that at least the HYP mode is activated in the processors. Do you know the existence of some image for the BPI-M2 with KVM kernel already activated?

I need install KVM with urgency to run some tests that are part of my Master Thesis (I will defend it in August)

Please people and SINOVOIP, help-me! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Build your own kernel+image and enable what you need with our tool. We support M2 (A31S) with kernel 4.6.2 (at this moment).

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Hi Igor,

First of all, thanks so much for your support and sorry for my delay. So, I tried create a image with your tool. I enabled the option “KERNEL_CONFIGURE=“yes”” on the installation script and during installation I set up “virtualization” option menuconfig. The OS image was generated, however KVM is still not being installed.

Now, I will try compilate just a kernel with your tool in a already running Armbian on my BPI-M2.

If you have some image for BPI-B2 with KVM already running and can make it available I will be very graceful.

Best Regards,

David Beserra.

Regarding KVM I cannot help you and have no idea if it works at all.

The only virtualization, that works out of the box and I can also confirm, is Docker.