Run Bananian 15.08 on banana pi BPI-M2 using external USB HDD/SDD

I need to run my M2 using an external HDD/SDD for performance and reliability reasons. I know the M2 must boot from the SD card and then mounts / from the second partition of the SD. Normally this could be pointed to an external drive (/dev/sda1) to continue as the new root - how do I do this on Bananian 15.08? it doesn’t seem to be easy to do?


I recommend you to download the image from for your Banana. They also have scripts to install from SDcard to SATA - this is quite easy. You then check after reboot with df -h if your new root is the big SATA drive.

@Tido - THANKS! - this is a great solution, much better than anything else I have tried! Simple fast and effective!