RetrOrangePi project: 3.0.1 version image update

Hello guys, Ropi 3.0.1 is now available from the website. It has a few bug fixes and additions.

changelog: *Wireless setup is now accessed from the retropie menu, it uses network manager so all boards should now have working wifi (opilite) *Retropie setup script now uses our fork so you can update from the script to get any new additions. *ES network settings have been removed for now. *3.4.113 headers have been included *Armbian full firmware package has been added.

  • New advMame config file (support for 480p, 720p and 1080p resolutions) *GBA libretro core fixed *new GLUI retroarch menu driver (replace XMB) *TV-out scripts (folder can be found in /boot/tvout) *Amiga config folder link created Opi Zero “slim” edition released. No desktop, openelec, standalone emulators are included. It has emulationstation, retroarch and basic libretrocores. Please let us know how your testing goes. As usual expect some bugs, enjoy!