Remix os on m3 working

Maybe coming soon update to 2.0

very cool ,thank you for you share.can you share image link???

good job. I like it…

this roms working on banana pi m3 but i tested only remix os

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This one? remixOS_V1.0.5_V3


maybe need A64 chip can running remix os fine :wink:

A small PC or S.B.C. manufacturer plans a small PC with AllWinner A83T and Remix OS 2.0. Remix OS 2.0 will run smoothly, I think and I hope.

maybe BPI-M64 will get full support on remix.

WOW, you have a plan to make a new SBC with Remix OS 2.0, aren’t you? :slight_smile:

how did you install it? did you burn img file on sd? :sweat_smile: