Regular Ubuntu Server 15.10?

Hi everyone,

I’m reading about various issues with the images supplied by SinoVoip, so I’m wondering if it’s possible to use a regular Ubuntu Server 15.10 32-bit image? They claim that their Server flavour runs on almost all hardware, including ARM.

Or do I have to customize too many things for it to have a real purpose?

That would be nice, yes … but it’s not even close. Forget about.

Look into Armbian forum:

There exists a Ubuntu 15.04 image that has been updated just recently. If you find an Ubuntu Server 15.10 armhf rootfs it should be possible to replace the second partition of this image with this. Or you remove the desktop packages and upgrade to 15.10? But I would never trust in OS images that are not built fully automated (like Armbian does it)