Red, Blue, Green LED

Where is the documentation of all modes of blinking LED?

here is documents and SCH:

And where’s there to see? I was already there and the search for LED word I gave nothing.

Please check it (BPI-M3 V1_2 schematic diagram 20151014(RELEASE).pdf)

I do not understand these schemes. I need a simple manual.


reg-81x-cs-gpio0ldo/max_microvolts : Blue Led reg-81x-cs-gpio1ldo/max_microvolts : Green Led


echo 3000 > /sys/bus/platform/devices/reg-81x-cs-gpio0ldo/max_microvolts echo 3000 > /sys/bus/platform/devices/reg-81x-cs-gpio1ldo/max_microvolts


echo 0 > /sys/bus/platform/devices/reg-81x-cs-gpio0ldo/max_microvolts echo 0 > /sys/bus/platform/devices/reg-81x-cs-gpio1ldo/max_microvolts

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Emmm… super :grin:. I do not understand you dude :))