Recording: burning the linux image to EMMC on M64 for the first time

prepare: (1) 1x 16GB SD card, or more than 16GB

(2) 1x udisk

(3) 1X SD card reader

(4) 1xUSB-Serial Connect line

(5) M64, 5V/2A DC

  1. Choosing image to download on PC:

For example: 2020-08-26-ubuntu-18.04-mate-desktop-bpi-m64-aarch64-sd-emmc.img

  1. Installing Balena Ethche(burning tool) on your PC:

  2. Installing the SD card in card reader, then installing the card reader in PC. (if your SD card have no any other files in it. If not, we suggest to format the SD card firstly)

  3. Opening Balena Ethche, please choose” Flash from file”,choose the image you download image image

  4. Go on the next steps, choose sd card image

  5. Choose Flash image image

  6. Flash complete image

  7. Removing card reader on PC

  8. Download mobaxterm app on PC:

  9. Installing SD card on board, connect USB-Serial Connect line from M64 to PC,and power on image

  10. Select the corresponding serial cable, if can’t find it, you need to download the driver, and then select the baud rate 115200 image image image

  11. Observe whether the SD card is successfully booted, which proves that the board hardware is OK, and the burned image is also OK.

  12. Connecting a Udisk to PC, copy your image to Udisk. After finished, removing it.

  13. Connecting Udisk on M64’USB

  14. Login: pi passwork: bananapi

  15. The system automatically mounts the U disk and checks the partitions. Enter the command: lsblk image

use command “bpi-copy xxx-emmc-xxx.img” to install image on Emmc, enter For example: sudo bpi-copy /media/pi/7A4F-F486/ image

Writing password, start burning.

  1. After completion, power off, pull out the card, and pull out the U disk. Then power on again to test whether the EMMC startup is successful.

  2. If the system starts successfully and prompts for login, it proves that there is no problem.