Recognise Headphone connected at Restart not working

Using the android version BPI-M64_Android_LCD_V3.img from May 2017 perfectly recognises if a headphone is plugged into when booted. The mike input stays on the onboard mike but that’s acceptable for my application.

Unfortunately if the device restarts the headphone is not recognised until unplugged the plugged again.

The detection depends on the connectors detection switch and not only the connected resistance of the headphone. Thus, a external switch to disconnect and reconnect does not help.

Is there an updated Android Image for LCD available or can a setting be changed e.g. to enable always the headset or any hint how to build a corresponding android 6.0 or higher?



The audio routing problem on boot can be solved using using the free version of the SoundAbout app from Play Store. The output can be forced with this App and the plug/unplug detection disabled. Thanks to the hint in

It worked well for the headphone but disconnected the onboard mike when selecting headphone with mike. As the mike pin assignment on the connector seems non standard I will try to check again with a dedicated mike.