Receiving RF (433MHz, 315MHz, 868MHz, etc) signals

I have developed a driver gpio-ts that simplifies creating of applications that need to receive RF signals with cheap RF receivers like RXB6, RF-R-ASK, RX-RM-5V, etc. The driver is here. This driver can be compiled and was tested on some other platforms: Raspberry Pi 3, ODROID C2, MinnowBoard Turbot. I know that building of Linux kernel module on BPI-M3 is currently a nightmare. I have done it with some hacks and ad-hoc fixes and I am not sure that I would be able to reproduce all steps that I have done. So I provided already built driver for this platform.

I also have developed an utility that receives data from wireless thermometers Ambient Weather F007TH and AcuRite 00592TRX (or compatible). The utility can print received data to stdout in plain text or JSON formats or send it to remote REST server or to InfluxDB server. The utility is here

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