Read CPU temperature


is there a possibility to read the current CPU temperature?

HI: Run command

cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp

‘thermal_zone1’ works too (identical values).

But it’s rather useless to look into it from time to time since without a heatsink/fan you will experience throttling behaviour. I already prepared a RPi-Monitor template for A83T:

It takes you 5 minutes to install RPi-Monitor on any of the Debian based images and then all that’s needed is to create a template with the contents of the link above saved as Allwinner_A83T.conf.

You could follow the steps I outlined for Allwinner’s H3. Just replace the template names: Allwinner_H3.conf --> Allwinner_A83T.conf and OrangePi_H3.conf --> BananaPi_M3.conf

In case you use RPi-Monitor (highly recommended since it gives you insights through visualisation – stuff otherwise being invisible) and in case you use SinoVoip’s Ubuntu 15.10 image I would not uncomment the “/etc/rpimonitor/template/swap.conf” line since you will end up with your system swapping to death.

The enabled irqbalanced does nothing useful on ARM – see below – and just wastes CPU ressources and eats up all your memory over time. And it would be nice if you can watch this through RPi-Monitor also :slight_smile:

Here is a fixed irqbalanced version for ARM:

But in my opinion it’s way better to assign IRQs manually to specific CPU cores, eg. by adding this to /etc/rc.local prior to “exit 0”

echo 2 >/proc/irq/$(awk -F":" '/usb2/ {print $1}' </proc/interrupts)/smp_affinity
echo 4 >/proc/irq/$(awk -F":" '/gmac0/ {print $1}' </proc/interrupts)/smp_affinity
echo 8 >/proc/irq/$(awk -F":" '/sunxi-mmc/ {print $1}' </proc/interrupts | head -n1)/smp_affinity
echo 16 >/proc/irq/$(awk -F":" '/sunxi-mmc/ {print $1}' </proc/interrupts | tail -n1)/smp_affinity
echo 32 >/proc/irq/$(awk -F":" '/dispaly/ {print $1}' </proc/interrupts)/smp_affinity

Just compare with

cat /proc/interrupts

before and after.

Can you send me a RPi-Monitor template for BananaPi (first version)? I want to install RPi-Monitor on my banana pi :wink:

Already included in the official distribution:

I think it is included in 2.11, so I should install beta version of RPi-Monitor with BananaPi support. Am I correct?