RE : Banana pi BPI-M3 will send free sample for test

@sinovoip @lionwang MIT research group would love to test BPI-M3 for in vehicle telemetry, and video capture. We are currently using a M1 and its great, but having issues with video and I/O due to other system demands. The octacore of the M3 should hopefully solve this.

Can you send a unit out to test? We would purchase many for field trails if it all works out.


I think they will give you an update once they optimized the operating systems and made a decent amount of hardware in stock.

Now i think if you send me a sample i can test Banana Pi M3. From the specification provided the new Banana Pi M3 will be far greater than the Boards i already tested.

Looking forward to get a Banana Pi M3 for testing waiting finger crossed.

Hello, Banana pi Team. I am a college student from China. I love Banana pi develop board. My classmate and I are big fan of open source OS. I also have blog can advertise this product. I would like to test and write reviews of BPI-M3. It would be great if you can send me a sample. We would love to advertise this Banana Pi product and writing reviews about it. Thank you for reading this. I will be lucky to have a sample of this board.

Hi, I’m a computer-science professor based in Iran. I have nearly 260 new computer science students each term. My students used rpi2-b as the platform for their projects this term, and rpi-b+ the terms before, but some were not satisfied with the performance. I’m personally testing the current boards in the market, and I came across BPI-M3 which I find interesting. I would also post the reviews in our monthly magazine, which is given out free of charge to all of our students. I would appreciate to get a free sample to test it out. Cheers.

Currently completing my degree at Glasgow Caledonian University, studying embedded systems. I would like to use this as my project that would be displayed and uploaded and could be used for the University as a demonstration, and research and development tool due to this i would like to apply for one of your free samples. All details including Educational Email will can and will be supplied. Thanks in advance Scott

hi i am phaseshifter i would like a test unit if i may you have my email details please forward to me if you need further details for postage address

Is this a fraud? Not one sample board has been send to us.

hi,i completed networking training.Now i wanted to enhance skills on my decided to make own servers at home at lower i went to raspberry pi 2.But after specification of M3.I wanted to test all concepts of networking on M3 boards and also i wanted to make some other project making cluster,3d printer,hovercraft,uav etc so waiting to test a sample as soon as possible thank u,

hi, i’m an argentinian hardware developer and i want to test the M3 to use it in my projects. Now i’m working with the M2 in a linux based mobile device. I want to test the M3 with kali linux to cyber security and pentesting. Good job guys. Greetings from Argentina

I am Rajkumar Magarati from Kathmandu Nepal looking this device for hosting elearning web based application for schools. I want to keep this device in cloud hosting.

There is something in this topic?

I was aware that and got silence

I received mine an hour ago (shipped on saturday):

Only one CPU core works and already 48°C when idle. A promising start :smile:

Please provide your full test result when you finish introduce :smile:

Sure, but this will take some time, especially given the state of code (or let’s better say ‘hardware initialisation’) at the moment:

There’s so much stuff fixed just recently, that the available beta OS images can’t work. I flashed Android and have now only one working CPU core instead of 8 and so on… Seems like a lot of work is still needed.

I prepared a wiki stub already and will write a more thorough on when finished.

OS images still corrupted and as usual wrong instructions provided by SinoVoip:

I tried to apply the fixes from the recent commits but still fails to boot:

LOL, starts as expected :joy:

I am very interested in the BPI-M3, and could definitely do alot of work with one. I have a RPI 2 B+ but am mainly interested in the various OS options and getting them debugged and working properly with the GPIO. The GPIO pins are my main interest as I am looking at possibilities using the BPI as a controller for a smart house / security system type setup. I advertise BPI to anyone who will listen as it is, send one my way and I wont give them the option to listen lol. I have also used the RPI to control and visually monitor one of my 3d printers and had great success. I would have many more possibilities with the upgrade, please contact me if one is available or if anyone has any questions. [email protected]

Hi I am a vetran, and retired disabled senior, who worked as an engineer and have been experimenting with Home Genie Automation on different platforms. The latest being the intel edison board. You can check it out on the Home Genie forum. The edison leaves alot to be desired and it looks as though the banana pi BPI-M3 would fit the bill. I would love to integrate using this new platform but being on a fixed income and the high cost of my medications prevents me from going further at this time. My ham radio buddies have helped in the past but they are always helping and I don’t want to be a burden. I will document everything so others can benifit from my work. Thanks for your time. Harry


Can @sinovoip confirm that others can also apply for free board sample? Because original topic is closed now and this was just a question from one of the users and it was not started by @sinovoip. If we can apply for free board sample then I would like to get one also. I am building portable console in gameboy case much like this one: but using m3 or m2 as a base.

Thank you and have a nice day.

you can send mail to [email protected] and [email protected] to ask free sample