BPI-M3 new image:bpi-m3-ubuntu15.04 image beta 1.0 update

BPI-M3 ubuntu15.04 image beta 1.0 update

download link:

google driver

Release Note:

1,Support BPI-M3 2,linux kernel: 3.4 . 4,ethernet work fine 5,WIFI driver work fine 6,user name/pass:pi/bananapi 7,this is just a test version.



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Does HW acceleration work? Kodi works?

Seems like only four cores are active. And the kernel is da!n old.

Congratulations, you provide broken downloads:

macbookpro-tk:Downloads tk$ unzip /Users/tk/Downloads/BPI-M3_ubuntu_15.04_hdmi.img.zip 
Archive:  /Users/tk/Downloads/BPI-M3_ubuntu_15.04_hdmi.img.zip
warning [/Users/tk/Downloads/BPI-M3_ubuntu_15.04_hdmi.img.zip]:  76 extra bytes at beginning or within zipfile
  (attempting to process anyway)
error [/Users/tk/Downloads/BPI-M3_ubuntu_15.04_hdmi.img.zip]:  reported length of central directory is
  -76 bytes too long (Atari STZip zipfile?  J.H.Holm ZIPSPLIT 1.1
  zipfile?).  Compensating...
   skipping: BPI-M3_ubuntu_15.04_hdmi.img  need PK compat. v4.5 (can do v2.1)

note:  didn't find end-of-central-dir signature at end of central dir.
  (please check that you have transferred or created the zipfile in the
  appropriate BINARY mode and that you have compiled UnZip properly)

Every vendor who cares uses checksums to give users the ability to check integrity of software downloads. Every vendor? No, there’s @sinovoip giving a sh*t as usual…

This file isn’t corrupted. It decompresses fine with Stuffit Expander, and the resulting image is able to boot on the M3.

Brighid:Downloads terry$ md5 ~/Downloads/BPI-M3_ubuntu_15.04_hdmi.img.zip MD5 (/Users/terry/Downloads/BPI-M3_ubuntu_15.04_hdmi.img.zip) = 14074da69e5470a16dd12175e7986ebc

Brighid:Downloads terry$ md5 ~/Downloads/BPI-M3_ubuntu_15.04_hdmi.img MD5 (/Users/terry/Downloads/BPI-M3_ubuntu_15.04_hdmi.img) = e9eda8fe7960b1a4e9cfd0d9bb625784

Ubuntu 15.04 bananapi ttyS0

bananapi login: pi Password: Last login: Fri Aug 7 08:31:32 EDT 2015 on ttyS0

uname -a pi@bananapi:~$ pi@bananapi:~$ pi@bananapi:~$ pi@bananapi:~$ pi@bananapi:~$ uname -a Linux bananapi 3.4.39-BPI-M3-Kernel #9 SMP PREEMPT Wed Sep 23 15:37:29 HKT 2015 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux

Great. And how to tell when no checksums are provided? Are you sure they didn’t upload it again in the meantime? How to tell?

Every responsible vendor provides at least MD5/SHA1 checksums to check download integrity. There’s no need to discuss this. It’s a basic requirement for downloads.

Well, I’ve provided working checksums, and you can verify your process against mine, and if you still can’t get it working, then my assertion that the decompression is the problem - not the provided file.

I’m not on the side of the vendor here - the software support is obviously very bad - but I’ve had the board all of one day, and I’m providing my insights to the community, as a good citizen does, and you’re basically just a troll on the mailing list that seems to have an ax to grind.

If you have stuff to share with the community, by all means, share. You’re right - they should be providing hashes, but they didn’t, so I did it for you instead. Why are you mad that I’m trying to be helpful?

@Tido you’ve been completely right. Time to give up finally.