Raspberrypi camera

There is a chance to make Raspberry pi cameras work on bpi products ?

can not use raspberry pi camera on banana pi

Am sure it will if the camera interface is the same as pi it just needs some config edition and a good image like Armbian :smile: Q: is the camera interface on BPI M1+/M2/M2+/M3 identical as the Raspberry pi ?

please check camera interface define for M1+/M2/M2+/M3.

all pins define have on gitbook document.:slight_smile:

Haha alright i get it i :sweat: am idiot because i know theres 40pins but i forget that and asked stupid question sorry :smile: Rpi camera must be useed with converter developped to match bpi to work the goal behind my idea because i like new 8mpx camera on the pi can u devellop powerfull camera with 8mpx or more ? and did you make csi interface to drive two cameras on bpi M3 ?