Raspberry Pi 3 Accessories


Is there a Banana Pi board that can use Raspberry Pi 3 accessories? I bought an Raspberry 3 ages ago but they keep biting the dust just to a known fault in the board. Therefore I was wondering if there was as an alternative board such as a BananaPi.



Can anyone recommend anything?

What kind of accessories are you talking about? My Raspberry Pi 4B+ was running 24/7/365 since 2 years ago streaming 10 RTSP streams.

But they decided to serve the big-deal customers first before caring about the consumers, so I turned to Banana Pi instead.

Basically just the fan as seen in the photo and a camera.20230708_172821

I can’t remember if there s anything else since I have not used it for ages. It is going to be used as the brains of a little robot I am creating.

Your description is still very non-specific. If it is just DC fans without PWM and speed detection, you could hook them up onto any +5V power headers. I am only interested in the Banana Pi routers so at least RPI 2 pro if not all models have +5V and GND power headers.

For camera, what kind of connector does it use?

This is the camera I have

This is the case I am referring to https://littlebirdelectronics.com.au/products/armour-case-with-dual-cooling-fan-for-raspberry-pi-3b-3b

This camera seems to use the MINI CSI connector. I only know about RPI-R2 Pro, which does have a MINI CSI connector on the board too.

Yeah, Banana Pi BPI-R2 Pro looks like it is a router which is not what I need.

BPI-R2 Pro is more like a server with more than needed Ethernet ports. But regardless, you could go to BPi’s product page and find one that supports Mini CSI, that’s the sole requirement for using your camera.