R2 Dissertation Project


I’m looking to find a Single Board Computer for which I can use for my university dissertation. I am looking at creating a device which can be used within computer forensics. The device will need to be battery powered and able to support a touchscreen. The R2 stands out due to its many SATA and USB 3 ports.

Does this device support ubuntu 16.4, support a small touch screen? I also saw that the device needs a minimum of 5v 2A of power, however, I saw that a 12v 2A supply can someone confirm the power requirements of this device?

Thanks in advance


Hi Luke

16.04: http://www.banana-pi.org/r2-download.html

Power supply: 12v 2A

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Thank you for your quick reply. How I missed that I am not sure.

I don’t suppose also that you may have had much experience with this device. Do you know of any batteries or small touch screens which would work with the R2?

thanks again.


Batteries: Battery cable / circuit

Do not know anything about screen, sorry.

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