Battery cable / circuit

Hi, i read,that r2 has a battery-port (with loading circuit for 3.7v li-battery) same as m2. but i found nowhere such a 6pol-jack. all battery cables i’ve found are 2pol.Have you a name for me? and which capacity (mah) can be used with loading circuit regards frank

Is that the right cable?

The page about battery-interface in gitbook seems to be removed…

That seems to be the spec of battery connector:

It looks like 1.25mm JST wire connector

Hi, your aliexpress link dont work

Your second link is for bpi-m2-ultra (you can see m2 has 8-pins) !
Bpi-R2 has 6 pins

Your cable by aliexpress:,searchweb201602_4_10152_10065_10151_10068_5400011_5430020_5410020_10304_10307_10137_10060_10302_10155_10154_10333_10056_10334_10335_10055_10336_10054_10059_5370017_10332_100031_10099_10103_10102_10052_10053_10107_10050_10142_10051_10326_10084_10083_10080_5390017_10082_10081_10177_10110_10111_10112_10113_10114_5380017_10312_10313_10314_10078_10079_5420017_10073-10333,searchweb201603_16,ppcSwitch_2&btsid=4dc0ff60-ef80-4d95-bf4f-2ed44afdbde3&algo_expid=d24a7fb3-a217-4d24-9257-7ce9d421f2c0-1&algo_pvid=d24a7fb3-a217-4d24-9257-7ce9d421f2c0&transAbTest=ae803_1

thank you

Yesterday,i klicked the link and it works (dont know why it dont work now) any infos on battery-type and how-to connect?

Spec-document is also for 6 pin (see table in pdf).there i got grid-size (1.25mm)

6p is right type? since ali-seller does not support paypal, i searched at ebay:

seems to be same (search-term “jst SH 1.25mm 6-pin”)

is there any information on how to connect the battery? Which pin is -, which is +,which batteries (which voltage between VBAT and GND?)? Any other components (resistors,…) needed?

found nothing about that in schematics ;( (only how it’s connected internally)

Can anyone provide any information on how-to-connect? Battery-type, voltage, circuit? on board is bat- and bat+ (maybe for the outer 2 pins),but nothing in gitbook,only a little in schematics can this be used?

4x3.7=14.8V,3x are under 12V…there must be a regulator an loading-circuit

comparing with m2ultra (which is powered 5V externally): it has same plug and will be powered with 3,7V (maybe multiple cells in parallel)…is that true for R2, too? how many cells can be used (to have no problems with loading-circuit)? what about the resistor(s) on pin 6?

@sinovoip @garywang can you provide some info about the Battery-Circuit?

Anything wrong with the forum? its so extremly slow the last 2 weeks

They host is on R2 :slight_smile:

Hi Frank

I confirmed with team, the battery circuit can NOT work for you, it’s only for our internal test purpose. The connector will be removed in the future.

bad news. is there a way to power the board withou the 12V Jack?

Yeah, that’s bad. Not having a backup battery connector. That’s what was nice about R1, that it had battery backup.

But according to schematic, it contains charge controller. There are 6 pins: 3 for BAT+, and 3 for BAT-. Or that schematic to some fresh hardware version?

Gary says it is not working…there is also no circuit for connecting.

In hardware 1.2 connector is removed

@jackzeng @sinovoip

Is there a way to power the board without the dc-jack? Maybe over otg or gpio?