Questions about BPi M2M/Zero


Before I purchase a BPI have following questions. Could anyone help answer please?

  1. Is the USB Gadget mode supported on OTG port? I am interested in the BPI emulating USB storage, USB/Ethernet, USB/serial, and USB/HID (keyboard).
  2. What version of Linux kernel is used? Is it 4.1x?
  3. Can Wifi and Bluetooth/BLE supported concurrently?
  4. Does the board have eMMC? Some place I remember seeing a line, but can’t remember. If yes, what is the reference to buy BPI Zero/M2 with an eMMC?
  5. Is there any reference that can help gain a sense of power use without anything else, then including Wifi, then no Wifi but including Bluetooth? 6. The Wiki entry for the board mentions of 128KB of onboard flash. Is part or all of this flash available for user applications? If yes, how is it accessible under the OS/Linux?
  1. USB otg supports USB Gadget functions
  2. Based on kernel 3.4.113
  3. Support Wifi and BT
  4. BPI Zero doesn’t have emmc

more you could see here:

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armbian support 4.x kernel for BPI-M2+ ,BPI-M2 zero.

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Thank you both @Jackzeng and @sinovoip for your responses, they helped me make the decision.

Related to #5 of my list of questions: I read in a couple of places that BPiZ has heat issues. Does a heat sink help? Also, is there any way in software or configuration to reduce the clock speed that might help reduce the heat and power consumption? Is there any way in software or configuration to reduce the number of CPUs, and will it help reduce the power/heat? If yes for any of these two questions, can this be dynamically done when booted under Linux, or is it statically/at boot time only? Any details will help.