Put BPi in a laptop?

gave up already.

I am thinking that buy a junk laptop and put my BPi in it to run a web browser on linux. Is that possible?

LCD: use M1+'s LVDS interface. sounds too complex to do.

keyboard: use some i/o extender to scan or use a arduino to make it usb may be much more difficault than i think.

touchpad: ps/2 to usb

battery: I have some 26650 cells, capbility unknown. I thought them were dead, but my BPi is charging one right now. Will it be powerful enough to drive an LCD? can I connect cells in parallel?

BAD NEWS: those 32700 cells (not 26650) are not Lithium-ion cells. they are LiFePO4 cells. AXP209 will attemp to charge them to 4.2V which they will not reach.

LEDs: just GPIO. but i dont know how. sys filesystem? kernel driver? memory mapping?

this requires very high DIY skills and it is very likely that I cant finish it. but still, i want to know, what you guys think?