PS3eye Driver and video0 doesnt exit error

The Bpi cant use PS3eye (SLEH-00448) webcam “out of the box”…
Raspberry do using fswebcam
( )
and, I suppose, the webcam need a driver like ov5640… so I try :
How to use ov5640 on BPI-M2Plus
Do any body try something arround webcams ?
I have an error using fswebcam or motion or ffmpeg :

/dev/video0/ No such file or directory OR cant pen device…

I try : ‘sudo fswebcam -d /dev/video1/’…
I try ‘lsusb’ and the Ps3eye is here (bus 03…)

The PS3Eye works with (for Processing)
using usb4java (finding the correct bus) but I want a driver…

Do you have any clue ?
Thanks for reading