Problem with ethernet

Hi, I use BPI M2ULTRA and have Linux kernel 6.4.10 on it (my own compilation). I noticed that after some longer pause in using network on my BPI all the TCP/IP connections are frozen and sometimes I need to ping my BPI board to get all the connections working again (after a few seconds).

It seems like the ethernet module in BPI is not receiving any frames during this pause.

Anybody has the same issue? Is there any solution for this issue?

How long?

Withing smoke test, things looks normal GitHub - armbian/os: Armbian Linux OS

It is sometimes a few seconds and sometimes about 10 seconds of lack of communication. However I’m not sure if this is the issue in my BPI M2U or with my Ethernet switch which is between BPI and my PC. I’ll try to connect my PC directly with BPI and check if the issue still occurs.

My test scenario is that:

  1. I make successful ssh connection with my BPI.
  2. wait about 10-15 minutes and don’t transfer any data with BPI to reproduce the issue.
  3. type some keys in ssh session (result: no echo response in this session)
  4. trying to ping from my PC to BPI - result the same - BPI is not respoding even on ARP requests.

Usually just after a few seconds after an ARP req the transmission recovers and is working fine for some time.

So answering your question - usually I need to wait about 10 min or more to reproduce the issue.

Networking gears, even cables could be sometimes to blame, yes.

Using this old kernel is also suspicious … Try latest Armbian image (6.1.y or 5.15.y kernel) - that will be the quickest test. I don’t recall anyone mentioning similar troubles.

Using this old kernel is also suspicious … Try latest Armbian image (6.1.y or 5.15.y kernel)

I’m a bit confused. I’m using kernel 6.4.x - and it is not very old one. Your kernels 6.1.y and 5.15 are a bit older if I’m not wrong. So I’m not sure if this is not some kind of misunderstanding… :slight_smile:

I didn’t notice such an problems on Armbian TBH. In the meantime the issue stopped appearing without changing anything from HW point of view. Also a bit confused why it is working now without any problems :slight_smile:

I was looking for git repo for Armbian linux kernel sources, but so far I couldn’t find them. Any link?