Problem with 10.1" waveshare LCD touchscreen

Hi, I have a problem with my Banana Pi M2U.

I bought it purposefully to cooperate with the 10.1 touch display from Waveshare

The display works fine with my computer, with Raspberry Pi, with Upboard, but it does not work with BananaPi. While Banana Pi works with TV and another monitor.

The problem refers to each of the systems available on the website, something like a burnout appears on the display, and if I left it connected for a longer time, the display would probably fail (after disconnection the burnout disappears for a long time).

Yesterday I installed Android 6.0 and the display did not work, but in a different way, the artifacts appear on the screen, like in the picture.

Maybe someone had a similar problem and can support me with an advice.

I thought maybe is the power supply issue, could you please add extra power supply for hdmi screen.

What do you mean?

The display is powered by its own power supply, as far as I remember it is 2A. Banana pi is also powered from such a power supply. The display works with other devices, such as a laptop or raspberry. If there is no signal, then the screen test is displayed on it.

I Have the same problem with BPI m3 . Same video output. The screen works with other devices such as computers and so on. Any solution?