Problem by HDMI-Output

With my 2 Banana Pi M3 I have a Problem with the Picture on my TV. The Screen sometimes change to Pink or to turquoise. Change the HDMI-Cable and Ports don’t work. The Support of my TV say that it is a Problem when the Banana Pi change the Videosettings. (RGB/YCbCr ??) Can I Fix these Seetings?

Probleme exit at Android and Linux.

I hope somebody unterstand me. My Englisch is very bad. Sorry

How can I set the seetings (RGB 4:4:4 or Ycbcr 4:4:4) ??

Here are Pictures of my Problem. Please help me. HDMI-Cabel is ok. TV is ok. I had the same problem on my PC . There I was able to solve it with the setting Full RGB .

You use an HDMI to DVI converter, right? Solution then is ‘easy’: Forcing HDMI on M3 :wink:

No i use only a HDMI-Cable


there are also officells suppport? I have a big problem. I can’t use my Board.

HI: According to what you said, you were using HDMI-Cable instead of HHDMI to DVI converter, weren’t you? Have you tried any other monitors ?

Hi, I bought a banana pi m64 and get the green/pink screen or inverted colors with hdmi, 3 more hdmi cables. raspbian/android6.0/windows 10 iot.

it’s a problem with old philips and sony bravia tv because they support hdmi 1.2, and the hdmi 1.2 not support the YCbCr color, just the RGB, it’s causes a hdmi handshake/synchron problem.

Please add a function to the config file, where can we set the hdmi pixel encoding type like in the raspberry pi: "hdmi_pixel_encoding Force the pixel encoding mode. By default it will use the mode requested from edid so shouldn’t need changing.

         hdmi_pixel_encoding=0 default       (limited for CEA, full for DMT)
         hdmi_pixel_encoding=1 RGB limited   (16-235)
         hdmi_pixel_encoding=2 RGB full      ( 0-255)
         hdmi_pixel_encoding=3 YCbCr limited (16-235)
         hdmi_pixel_encoding=4 YCbCr full    ( 0-255)"

This setting is a solution for old sony&pihilips tv -s with raspberry, nvidia or ati/amd pc videocards

Well known since ages but those Banana guys don’t care (or they’re not able to do software). I found it the first time mentioned for their Banana Pi M3:

Armbian guys made it adjustable for another A64 board with config file (parsed by boot script and patching DT on the fly):

I found the “hdmi_cts_compatibility = 1” too, ( HDMI Compliance Test Specification ), but i’m not sure this is solution for color problems.

And i use android now, in emmc, how can i access the /boot/ folder or partition?

It is and problem is the same with all more recent Allwinner CPU. This is well known (and ignored by manufacturer) since 2015 :slight_smile:

No idea about Android, I would believe your only hope is Android community build for A64 devices: but if this Android build is made in the same way as for H3 then last paragraph of first post here might help:

now, i tried to edit the .bin => .fex files, but with linux on sdcard, i can’t see eMMC storage… if i burn android to SDcard, i can’t edit, because windows see it to raw data what can i do now? :slight_smile:

good board, shit support/developers, nice

Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, and smart TVs all use HDMI cables to send high-definition video and audio to a TV or monitor. An “HDMI error unable to display video” error message may appear when an HDMI cable is not functioning properly. Gaming consoles and televisions can be connected using the industry-standard HDMI visual connector. There are numerous causes for it, including issues with the HDMI cable, the device’s inability to recognize the HDMI signal, or the device’s HDMI port.