Power supply problem (difference) on nwe banana pi M2 Ultra v1.1 (A40i)

We have problem with the power supply on bananapi M2U v1.1 (A40i CPU). There we can see new components on this new board.

The banana pi is subdevice on our device (central unit) and there is power supply limitation: MAX 1,25A. We tested it on banana pi M2U v1.0 (R40 CPU) and it works fine.

Now we cannot buy old banana pi v1.0 (R40 CPU) (this version is not available by our distributors) and new banana pi M2U v1.1 (A40i CPU) wont start on our device with power supply limitation: MAX 1,25A.

Can you give me some tips to solve this problem? We use raspbian image stored in eMMC. We use only LAN and 1xUSB with low consumption on banana pi…it is powered by SPI.

I think, that banana pi check power supply on start and here can be a problem.

Is there some software option to skip current limit control on boot?


We noticed, there are some new electric components on board V1.1, is there some hardware modification to skip this control?

Thank you