Power consumption when idle


I bought that BPI M2+EDU and it doesnt even boot without a heatsink. And even with a heatsink+fan it does not go below 343K (70°C).

Is it possible to fix that constant cpu voltage bug?

I mean: Where do they hide the schematics? 

Constant 1.1V would be good enough in my case, because: I will never need 41200MHz and 4648MHz should be enough.

Furthermore I could add my own cpu voltage regulator, if i could reach a pad, that can take the current (maybe by desoldering an inductance)…


Bye Arne

i found the schematics here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B4PAo2nW2KfnflVqbjJGTFlFTTd1b1o1OUxDNk5ackVDM0RNUjBpZ0FQU19SbDk1MngzZWM?tid=0B4PAo2nW2Kfndjh6SW9MS2xKSWs -Arne


The overheats due to the constant CPU voltage of the M2+ is effectively a BIG problem. The CPU reach crazy temperature that can destroy it. It is what happened to mine !!!

Is there something plan to solve this issue? (and to replace for free my M2+ :slight_smile: )

I have 2 M2 Zero boards. I have tried to use them as drop in replacements for the RPi Zero. I have tried lots of images, however I’ve found consistently them overheat randomly. Its frustrating because I can’t do stuff like compiling mediumly complex software like Neovim without the board overheating and halting. One of the boards, the one I use the most, has a heatsink, but that doestn prevent it from overheating and halting, mostly when I use heavily the CPU or the network, or while plugged to an external monitor. Its extremely frustrating to me.

I really really wanted to give this SBCs good usage.

Any help?

Thanks in advance.

Any possible solution?