Power Button and Armbian

Hello, i had installed Raspbian OS on bpi M2 zero and the power button was working fine. After switching to Armbian (Focal - Buster , etc), i have problem with the power button that does not work anymore. Any suggestion what shoud i do?

Type AR100 into the armbian search box and follow.

Thanks for your reply, i use Armbian 20.08.17 Bionic , not a desktop version, so i only can work via terminal. I tryed to find a related name via terminal with no result (find / name AR100)

unless you mean the armbian website https://armbian.atlassian.net/browse/AR-100

Sorry - was not precise enough.

https://www.armbian.com/search Type AR100 there or proceed here: https://linux-sunxi.org/AR100 https://linux-sunxi.org/AR100/HardwareSharing

Thanks again, after research, i found that crust-firmware is supported for …H5,H3, and “Support for the H3 SoC is planned, but it has not yet been implemented.”. Bpi M2Zero has a H2+ SoC .
Meantime this explains why it does not proper shutdown by using acpi based scripts. Raspbian (compiled for banana ), works direct with no isntallation. And what is great is that it deactivates the power to GPIO pins also. I tryed to find any related file - script on etc folder with no success.

h2 = h3 - 4K encoding. Its identical chip with disabled functionality which plays no role in this. FYI Raspbian is Debian like OS for Raspberry Pi which includes hardware interface for Raspberry Pi. Which is totally different on Bananapi. Raspbian for Bananapi has user land of Raspbian (not important component) and legacy Android quality kernel for Bananapi. If you want to have pro grade modern Linux, its some work.

With Armbian Bionic i managed to have both I2C and SPI LCD working. SPI LCD configuration took me days because i had problem with python <-> wiring_bpi and gpio.rpi. So i have to try with Armbian

Can I disable power button at all ? I need that banana pi always turn on without dependecies with power button.