Portrait Mode support on HDMI display

Hello to the whole community,

I’m posting this query under BPi Berry, but it applies in general to all models of BPi.

We’re considering BPi boards for one of our industrial application where we’ll be using Android OS along with a display attached to the board. For space and UI layout reasons, we need the display to be rendered in Portrait Mode. I want to check if Portrait Mode HDMI display rendering is supported on the BPi Android images?

Also, I’d assume that these Android images would be rooted images?

Thanks for the community support in advance and looking forward to using BPi in our solutions.

Regards, Deepak

source code at here: https://github.com/BPI-SINOVOIP/BPI-R40-V40-Android6

Normally, allwinner platform images only support 480p/720p/1080p, for android, portrait or landscape mode depend on the display resolution and density

try to set property ro.sf.rotation=90 in build.prop

Thanks for the reply. I’ve ordered an MP3. I’ll try it once I get it in my hands. I wonder if someone has already tried it before? (Till I get my own to try on).

Going through the posts, I have to admit that the community here is lot more active than Orange Pi. Great work!

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