Plop Linux - ARM CPU - Banana Pi

What is Plop?

Plop is the name of my (Elmar Hanlhofer) sole trader business. I am an independent developer. I do programming in Assembler, C/C++, PHP (and others), programming for Linux, Windows and Android. From the deepest layer like booting operating systems, up to applications. And much more…

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i80x86 Assembler Atmel Assembler C/C++ PHP Linux software development, system administration, …

3d modelling with Blender Windows software development Domainhosting Webhosting

Servicing & planning networks

Rescuing data (hardware and software) I have positive experience with companies all over the world with developing software for their need.

Plop Linux - ARM CPU - Banana Pi

This section describes

How you install Plop Linux on the Banana Pi. Building the boot.scr file. Set the green Banana Pi led. Linux Kernel version: 4.2.3

Install Plop Linux,please read this link:

Plop Linux 4.3.1 OS Has Support for Desktop, Server, Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi, and Cubietruck

download link: